Who wins the Chelsea FC swimming race? Find out in Chelsea Re-seen - Best of August!

hello and welcome to Stamford Bridge new
season new feature our pick of the
week’s events and talking points on
anything and everything to do with cell
six Jason we’re going

to talk about
we’re going to talk about preseason the
most important thing the pulse that’s
come through so successfully and we’re
on a trip down memory lane it’s two
Chelsea series so a lot of pre-season
was about the u.s. tour Chelsea TV out
there catching every little bit on and
off the field including Jason Olympic
swimming and dude yes there’s always a
little bit of downtime here the boys
going magics problem getting JT not the
best start for JT but he’s powerless
through here he comes
all the way through a bigger victory
left-hand side JT get there almost on
winner always going to happen in terms
of downtime Nathaniel till over had this
to say I’ve been played table tennis
because Willie and cuadrado are hugging
I didn’t say Playstation because Sammy
and Mitchie were hugging up so I just
stayed in my room a white boxer our next
clip comes from open training you saw
Nathanael talking there it was a special
day for everybody and a few special
skills on the show have a look at this
station Hanna Blundell while the ladies
are training great upper-body strength
here just hold her off please the keeper
off a line now she composes oh whoops
it’s a nice finishing line and it’s
caught my eye on the website today yoga
cost of good clothes good skills is but
my favorite player and gunner Kento
let’s hope that doesn’t happen too often
eggs opening they’re the season and I’ve
picked my favorite moments it Bastardo
quiet in the sunshine one of the most
famous Chilton goals ever the Sun report
comes out lovely ball controller
ah growing up in a great contact
you’ve gone for hernán Crespo we can
just stop the mostly the champion nice
and second minute Network thrilled it
top corner commentating let’s go let’s
go I cannot believe the strike I’ve just
seen on his left foot this Casella watch
it is clumping when he’s mine pick that
out more memory lane comes now Saturday
15 years of Chelsea TV would you believe
it favorite memories um there are a
number of favorite memories been when
you and I have done so many shows
there was a show particular inside the
Academy where you and I every day had to
come up with genius ways of introducing
where are you
and we found a bike we’ve got a new
young centre-half as it goes at the club
his name is Thomas Calais a young tech
defender very promising to we want to
find out more about it what we call if
any knows away a finally corner while
you’ve been anybody associated with this
club remembers May 2012 it was these
greatest nights in the club’s history I
couldn’t go out to meet it unfortunately
but I was covered it back here to
chelsea TV let’s do it this is the best
of it
my favorite studio moment kid is jumping
around with his mates in GT - Neil
Bonnett getting pancaked by some very
famous footballers if television goes
into your live from Stanford so the
Premier League is back Pat Nevins here
to talk about it and anything else to do
with Chelsea this week good start
absolutely superb start it was never
actually after the 89th minute I suggest
and their manager this would be the shot
of the season this you go what you got a
long way to beat this on the subject of
Antonia Conte he still got it even in
the smart leather shoes all that protect
yeah I mean absolutely deliberately
knows what he’s doing yet because it’s a
nice to me well it’s nice to admit but
if we ever say don’t touch miss quaver
the best touch was too early of run
nails it’s easy we’ll show you how it’s
done I’m gonna be village
the cons I still got it
hats definitely still got it Eden Hazard
has definitely got it Pat he did talk
about himself in the third person no
post might have a look at this it’s more
easy to win with hidden in the top level
than it ended last season but yeah I’m
good now I’m in a good form and then I
hope frequently like this
Harvey Sinclair talks like that but in
discussing things in national he’s got a
brilliant free-kick against Fulham in
the youth teams opening day win and it
was good enough to talk us through it a
little bit with a masterclass of free
my name is how st. Clair I’m 17 my
attacking midfielder and I practice my
three kids after most training sessions
the filling game the good win for us
good stuff with you I thought the free
kick was quite close I wasn’t going to
hit too hard so I just tried to place it
in the corner and I went for the cold
technique put it in the yeah the left
side of the keepers because that was
where the space was so if I know if I
got over the wall then I knew it going
so yeah I didn’t want to hit it here so
I come down I just had to hit it quite
hard I think all this scored I’m just
going to take a few steps back not too
far then I’m going to look whether
keepers standing and then I’m just going
to try and lift it over because he’s
going to be standing that side but not
with too much power just trying it out
the walk so obviously the mood at Cobham
has been good because of that win and
the nature of it smiles on faces path
yes the only brother brought home the
and then we’re a jerk we’ve tagged you
in the middle I have a look at what he’d
say yet this is actually fantastic
because if heated desk in if you get
simple certainly a for two passes
together then the tuna medal has to do
something where they’re going to do a
press that’s where you going to a run we
always just have to do a lot with the
fenders are learn and heard defend and
the forwards are learning how to keep
the ball hello again welcome to Chelsea
we’ve seen episode three let’s start is
Watford away though Jason it was fun it
was a lot of fun or for 70 minutes it
wasn’t too much fun because once they
took the lead he felt I couldn’t see was
getting back to the game and then the
substitutions changed it we got the
equalizer and then myself tromelin frame
was sitting there minister go kostas
homing on goal can he finish it getting
finish it you can leave you can see will
standing up we can’t do another for hug
because their mics the keeper
distressfully chelsea TV did a nice
piece on the fàbregas and cost of
connection jason we always talked about
that arsenal girl there have been many
others and we saw a lovely example in
the walk again yep i think i love about
this is that as soon as fàbregas gets
it there’s only one thing on his mind
cost the knows if i make the run the
balls going to arrive there’s still
plenty for him to do if you watch the
way that he gets his head up fàbregas
this first touches for you the whole
picture comes up the front of him as
soon as you mix it and heads up and
custom makes the run because he knows is
coming right I mean it’s just brilliant
between the two the telepathy between
the pair it’s just the perfect part one
of the best parties I’ve ever seen
actually still got a lot to do but that
that the relationship between those two
and imperative pretty match at the
bridge always has all the goings-on and
Jason Lee spotted something in the
build-up didn’t yeah it was good to see
John Terry with some of the younger down
with the graves and he’s got the skills
yeah I mean he would have been in this
situation when he was a young player
he’ll know what it means for Chilean Dom
solanki even though he didn’t start that
he’s taking those young players aside an
average somewhat do it and Mandir he
don’t realize how important it is when
someone like John Terry does that for
these young players speaking of nerves
ala inna well you nervous now I don’t I
don’t get nervous no more I was more
more excited just raring and buzzing to
get on the pitch the people he left
behind played Premier League to football
against Liverpool or one very impressive
to pick of the goals I have a look at
this with a fourth of the nikkei ugh
both nice finish don’t think like
crosses well Travis private cross you
just quoted great first touch
good job keep an out for more from that
when you look League this season
character walkway has our wallop of the
week ever look at this
unfortunately the Southampton beat
Chelsea three turning youth in but how
about that it does what get on his left
foot yeah I know your opponent know what
your strengths off keep away from his
left foot one tickets big yard
dips over the goalkeeper we’re never
finished from young boys in honor of the
white jeans Jason had on during
wherever they may be lots of
celebrations with cable type we’re
finishing with candy cat we’ll see you
next time
Anderson might wear my jacket today