Ulisses Jr QandA with Simeon Panda - Hollywood Special Pt. 1

hi guys how’s it going
Samuel Honda glacis QA as promised a bit
late in regards to one more recording it
like we planned to do it a few days
before but it’s just been so busy man
this better late than never
exactly exactly

so you sending lots of
questions we’ve gotten plenty on
Instagram Facebook and emails I’m going
to try to get through as many as many as
we can
no you know let’s go I think the main
thing is to you know try to get the
questions from different sources and put
it all together for everyone so you guys
know obviously collectively we can try
to address most of the questions
together and get you the answers you
all right let’s do it I think one of the
most common questions that usually get
and I saw quite a lot of it both on the
emails and on Instagram and the social
sites was how how do I get into the
fitness industry see I think that’s a
big question quite common because you
get a lot of people that obviously with
the explosion of the exposure of social
media pages everyone’s into fitness
everyone wants to train and that’s what
we lose motivate inspire people so it’s
a fitting question for obviously for a
lot of young individuals to a scoffs
getting into the fitness industry
there’s many different avenues of
depends whether you’re looking to
compete or you’re just looking to do
modeling um or whether you know you’re
just looking to build a brand
um so if you’re looking to compete I
think one of the best things would be to
obviously develop your physique and look
at the different organizations out there
and start competing and start getting
your name out there when you’re
competing when actually getting your
name out there maybe shooting some
photographers getting your images out
there you know promoting what you do I
think is the number-one thing so in
terms of being a competitor and building
yourself that’s one aspect of getting
into it if you’re looking to just
obviously on be a model fitness model
and you’re not looking to compete and
then obviously I think the angle there
is obviously to work with photographers
um and you know do some test shoots and
see you’re capable in opportunity to
enter MIT it to the magazines and
obviously you get a good feedback and
see what they say
there are many guys that’s gone into
fitness modeling that haven’t competed
really most of the angle though it’s
through competition so even the guys
that are not bodybuilders would do like
the physique competition the muscle
model there’s still some form of
competition there so I think either or
you might compete but if you’re not
looking to do that at all do a test
shoot you know and send it out to the
magazines you know talk to the
photographer’s you know did go to the
Expo be around the events you know meet
with people connect and network I think
that’s probably one of the other ways to
get into the fitness industry you know
and last but not least some people just
want to build their brand and you know
they’re not so obvious thing to come you
know being a bodybuilder or fitness
model they just want to build a brand
but if you like the fitness lifestyle
and you like to follow that so I mean in
that case obviously with the exposure of
social media pages etc you can build
your brand and build yourself get your
website you know inspire others and you
don’t have to compete all you will be a
model on
get so many people that you know big on
social media that haven’t really
competed or done anything but they have
a following so you can build your own
following through your website you know
and through the social media pages so
those are three ways I look at it so if
you take those tips in terms of working
on photographers you know doing test
shoot every year submit some stuff you
know all if you’re looking to just
compete maybe getting the competition
least one competition a year to you know
kind of do a before and after so people
people get inspired by people see you
and say okay he’s in decent shape but
then you get some really good shaping
like wow how does he do that and then
you start building your following
because people want to know how you did
it you know everybody has their way on
how to get into great shape and how they
build themselves so I think if you start
doing that every year and people take
notice and you know and you’ll start
building the brand building your name
and getting out then people get to know
wrong that’s true also some of you might
not even want to necessarily you know
compete which I personally doing that
initially when I first started building
my brand and the other thing I would say
is when you’re building a brand don’t
force it you know about dog poster I
mean let it happen organically so you
know show people what you’re doing you
know just just just give people your
genuine personality your genuine
opinions about training
don’t try and limit what anyone else is
doing you know just be will and that’s
what people will go to you know that’s
one of the things I’ve done I’ve not
tried to follow my specific strategy I’m
just you know giving people my daily
routine you know what how I train um you
know and I haven’t force my brand than
anyone I haven’t you know what I get a
lot of is I see a lot of them you know
captions on
my my my pictures and stuff you don’t
say no follow me follow me I’m doing
this you need to see this come take it
easy you know the things that you post
if people like it they will bring people
they will they will tell other people to
come and see you know and just don’t
don’t force it let happen organically I
mean to be fair like I’ll be honest with
you it’s not gonna it’s not gonna happen
for everyone
you know because a lot of it as well is
you might have the greatest Bezique bar
you know um how will be presenting that
physique you know and deeply are people
are people inspired by you not by just
visually I have by what you say no did I
want to follow you follow you know your
routines because of how you look or
because of you know what they think you
know and laughs and how you put put it
forward you know so I’m don’t forcing is
why I say just take it easy be you be
real and people will alter them and
Simmons right I think with with building
a brand in it
there’s so many people fantastic physics
out there let’s let’s be honest there’s
a lot of guys with good physique a lot
of girls with good physique but this
that little something extra you know and
it could be appeal it could be charisma
it could be just being yourself and
being real so um if you have some of
those tangibles within yourself then
things would happen if you’re forcing it
and you’re just trying to fit in or or
you I guess people what they say is
trying to be a wannabe then then people
find it hard to see that you’re genuine
and in you know and then you don’t get
the appeal or the likeness that you want
so he’s absolutely right
don’t force things do what you do be
real um do you have before and after
people see that people know that you
work hard you know post your stuff
see and follow you and and I think
that’s what we’ve done over the years
from just will see that you see we train
hard we don’t play around you know we’re
not here to like you know be fancy and
stuff like that we just go in there and
throw a weight around and and when we
talk to people we just just talk from
the heart so I think you know fancy that
and and and they want to know more and
and and and you know and and when they
see that it’s something that they
gravitate so because you know this
they’re like there’s no BS in this is
what I would personally refer to me as
we’ve got people that we follow you know
II followed my follow us
we’ve got people we follow and the
people I follow are people that I think
are genuine and it’s the people that you
see me like you know see me doing
training videos with I’m only doing
videos of them or gonna hang out with
them because I feel that a genuine it
for me it’s all about how well a person
is I couldn’t care less if a person had
the biggest following in the world I’m
not you’re not gonna see me shoot with
them or do anything with them to just to
build a to build my brand easy I don’t
work like that person you know I I work
with people that I doubt self in terms
of you know we have the same way of
thinking you know what what what
passionate about the same things you
know the freedom that’s why I work with
you disease you know when when we train
we just on the same mindset you know
business why I’ve all the same mindset
you know there’s a few people I can name
that would store the same mindset we
have the same passion for training
because the part of the training is the
first game and I think a lot might be
forgetting I mean I wouldn’t necessarily
put a time limit on how she should try
and get in the industry one the amount
of time would have changing but you know
you can’t and you can’t have been
training for six months and all of a
sudden you just want to kill the
industry about you know enjoy the
training first you know enjoy the
training like we’ve we’ve been training
for a vagina for 13 years Lucy’s parent
Mustang almost 20 years and the business
side has has come gradually you know you
can work with it are after foresee you
know um
just just be just be true to yourself a
little Sudha it’s a great boy I mean I
started from eating nothing there 2000
to 2001 to be honest um and in all this
recognition didn’t come I think when I
mean I started winning shows when I
started competing and I thought there
was something there people thought I had
why didn’t force anything I just took
the year by year did what I did but it
took a while it took almost 10 years but
you start saying wow this guy you know
you he’s got something there you know
it’s something slightly you know
different oh he’s got a good work ethic
oh he’s got the genetics oh he’s got
good charisma whatever I mean people’s
thought there was something there but it
wasn’t like well I want my first show so
now I need to get into the industry or
now I need to do this on you know all
your my second or third or fourth or
fifth show that I want I mean I think it
wasn’t it was appalling in 2008 or 2009
or 10 before people started saying you
know so it took me a while to build that
and there was no time limit no half or
I mean whether I got recognized for what
I do or how I inspire people enough when
they made a difference because I have a
passion for it I would have still
continue to do what I do direct so the
recognition if it comes it’s a bonus
it’s nice but it’s not going to stop
what I do I do what I do because it
comes from here and sponge because it’s
like sold we’ve been doing the rigging
training enjoying training you know the
passion was there and then you know like
I said the front of them comes and it’s
like okay so you guys like what I do go
I’ll try and show you I do it as many
formats as I can because image that we
like to motivate as well you know so
that’s why we have our YouTube accounts
that’s why we have our Instagram on
Facebook it’s not because necessarily
you want to build business and a brand
per se because like when we started that
wasn’t that wasn’t the idea the idea was
literally I want to share what I’m doing
you know I noticed other people like
that I feel the way I do
and then I wanted to see you know let
that supply and I think that’s what
other people are doing and that’s how
it’s all started you know mmm so if
you’re coming from the angle for
business business business
I want a brand a little bit people see
you coming a mile away and it will there
won’t be more of substance to you know
it’s just you just just be you know a
facade that you’re trying to plot and
people see that coming a mile away
you know okay so the last question you
had will quite a bit for our answers so
Dante bullet has emailed some questions
in these are frequent questions I’m
going to fire my answers and get you to
surprise answers to you as well okay so
he said did you participate in any
sports growing up or in college yes and
I did at flakes so I did 20 years and
100 meters and I played all sorts of
sports football actually was my favorite
because I was fast
I was strong like a take people down and
I could charge the ball up the field so
those are my favourite sports and you
know hundred meters again our splash so
I ran for my school and you know so
those are lots of sports I did the
second question what do you do cardio
and how often you do it I don’t party
often if I have a competition then I’ll
do cardio and it will be walking on it
on a treadmill slow pace for maybe 20
minutes uphill you know to be fair um it
was a point when I tried to I decided to
add running to as part Macario and I
love the
I think I might have an addictive
personality because just the way that I
kill training when I started running I
pleadingly got a passion for it and I
started going to one for as long as I
could but it didn’t benefit my body
bullying because I started to shrink
people were like sin you know it come
down on that one because it’s burnt away
your muscles so I had to take easy with
me but I’m so in regards to cardio
because of that I don’t do it and as
often know so on but I thought it works
refine and what do I do about my
stubborn coughs that’s what vast you
shouldn’t have a problem with your cast
with your my stubborn coughs I’ve said
it to my last Q&A
I trained living off the
I deliver these five times a week and
it’s worked for me over the last two
years they’ve grown significantly as
I’ve done that that that you know as
I’ve changed and implemented that new
strategy of doing them more often so I
would say to do for anybody right
they’re stubborn hit it hit it more then
give it more time then give long-planned
plan how you are going to make that that
body part progress you know it’s not
going to happen without making some sort
of plan you know so three questions
participate in the sport didja
participate in sports growing up what
are you cardio and stubble Goff’s well
in terms of fun to Spain in in sports
growing up yeah I did actually kind of
very similar to me I ran track the track
and field and I also played football
soccer so those are my main sports that
I did I was very athletic very fast I
was just always a skinny kid so to be
honest I took a body built in the
lifting weights just to gain some weight
and then it just kind of took a life of
his own but in terms of that question
yet I was into sports I did track and
field I did 100 meters 200 meters as
well and then also I am I play football
a lot every day after school used to
play football for it’s why was everyday
it was crazy so but yes of that that
kind of kept me skinny and I had to hit
the weights next question was in terms
of cardio again I don’t do a lot of
cardio occasionally out doing maybe once
or twice a week if needed
and and I do it really just to work the
heart um it’s not because I want to lose
weight or anything my diet is usually
good and when I’m getting ready for show
again I implement cardio but even then
it’s um it’s usually a steady-state
cardio when I’m doing it for 20 minutes
tops walking at an incline treadmill or
doing the rotating step those are the
two that I usually do sometimes
very rare occasion you find you on the
bursa climb of some of you might know
the verse of Klein ways but I don’t do
it um all the time so it’s you know
cardio for me it’s very limited I work
more on my training I do a lot of
superset drop sets we keep the heart
rate up and you know and if needed and I
do it very very light and usually for 20
min max in terms of calves I have the
same problem my calves were always weak
is probably on my weak point I trained
them three to four sometimes five times
a week I think that has helped me also
over the years to keep them and maintain
them at it at a decent or respectable
level really but not they’re not massive
or anything but um they okay I can get
by with them I think also how you train
them in terms of foot placement is very
important so I do a nice variation on
them when I superset them so I’ll do it
standard took them heels in heels out
and that kind of hits the the catch with
different angles so that’s helped me
over the years and it’s helped me
maintain my my stomach hurt catch some
next question guys we gonna talk about
which i think is an important question
talk about lagging body parts another
one am questions that we got was you
know I have have weak legs I need to
develop them to get them up to par with
my body so what do you recommend in
terms of training weekly body parts my
recommendation and what’s worked for me
over the years it was a time I had an
accident where I broke my leg and I
didn’t train for about eight months and
that was the only time I had great
between my training and I think about
early 20s
I got back into training and my legs
were weak actually one was slightly
smaller than the other so I needed to go
to work on that what I did was
prioritize my training priority training
it is when you prioritize your training
is very important so I did legs twice a
week twice a week make sure you space
them apart to give you ample time to
recover because sometimes you get
serious onus on the legs and so I’ll do
legs of Monday and Thursday or Monday
and Friday depending on how I’m feeling
in terms of recovery from the first
session on Monday so that’s what I would
recommend if you have a weak body while
training twice a week for Polly the next
three months four months and then
reassess it but it’s probably gonna take
you a good year or two to actually build
those legs back up to par with the rest
of the body so I just took my time like
I said when I trained there was no time
frame in mind there was nothing I just
needed I just know I had ample time and
I needed time to get my legs right and
which I did so I would recommend the
same thing just take your time training
twice a week and variated and giving
some space and get some good recovery in
between make sure you do that and that
goes for every other muscle group
whether it’s arms whether it’s chest
whether it’s back you know anything give
it to give it to train in a week and
them and then see how you progress with
that I love a question
I’ve seen all comments section is how
long will you be training and I think a
good example a good example to explain
to you how long I plan on doing this
would be um what was the lady that that
we met today at the expo now yesterday
we export what’s her name yes
the bloody ideas because how old is she
I don’t know how old she is and she
still trains so I don’t have to answer
for you but I’m going to train as long
as I can train you know um I love it I
enjoy is I’m so glad I found it it’s
like it is everything to me
you know um and I’m gonna continue to
train for as long as I enjoy and for as
long as it benefits me and it will
continue to benefit me like I said this
later this lady who is literally um my
favorite support she literally has been
at all my shows I always had helpers
shout in my name and it was it was
actually she actually brought a smile to
my face when I saw her you know her
physique is crazy
you know and she’s such a motivation for
me um because it tells me yes you can do
this for as long as you’re willing to do
it you know so I applied to train for as
long as I can and I love it and I’m
going to choose to do it really Ruby
Ruby Ruby finish Artemisia and have to
shout out movie captain
regardless we be be loved child to Ruby
thank you very much for your support I
love it you know I always hate when
you’re when you’re in the crowd shouting
my name supporting me I appreciate you
thank you very much yeah Ruby is one of
one of our biggest supporters and she’s
been trained as a nun she’s I mean the
lady doesn’t look at age so I’m not sure
what her ages um but I know she’s
probably over 60 years old and she’s
been training quite a long time what it
goes to show is that there’s no time
limit so when you train when you’re not
training I mean the King Ahnold still
trains to this day so I mean it for me
when people ask me well don’t you get
tired of this when are you gonna stop or
you’re gonna take a break the answer is
like no no no no nothing is this it’s my
Patti how can you take a break from your
passion you don’t take a break from it
it’s just what it is
so I’m gonna do this until I take my
last breath really it’s what I like
doing you know I’m probably gonna die
doing it so for me it’s not it’s just
it’s just business as usual you know
when you love something so much you know
the thought of someone even saying well
why don’t you you don’t need to do that
you just like what oh yeah then you
don’t really know how much I really like
what I’m doing because because if you
so for me just just the cap was similar
saying this one there’s no time limit to
it that’s why you always hear the phrase
bodybuilding fitness it’s a lifestyle
it’s a lifestyle a when something is a
lifestyle it’s just what you do is no
there’s no break there’s no set time
there’s no okay I’m 50 now and I need to
cut back you just keep doing what you’re
doing yeah you may not be lifting the
same weight you’re lifting when you’re
25 yes as opposed to when you’re 50 or
60 but it doesn’t change your lifestyle
your lifestyle still the same you’d like
to lift your lift and pretty before most
oh yeah you’re not a runner you’re not a
power lifter you’re lifter it’s just
simple so you train to because you love
it and it’s it’s in your blood it’s just
simple as that so to answer that
question and to cap it off there’s no
time limit to lifting once a lifts are
always a lift that’s it the next
question was all you know how do you get
cemetry on abs etc you know getting your
abs all lined up if you happen to have
them lined up perfectly then that’s good
that’s good for you so do you