Thibaut Courtois wants new Chelsea deal

two things Chelsea fans may be worried
about Thibaut Courtois has a problem
with his left eye and he spent most of
this week in Madrid
maybe injured maybe on his way to rayel
no on both counts
take a knock or something and I just
allergic you know

it’s a hot and
everything you know every day I know I
call in English but you know the high
fever I have is a bit that I was a few
days in Madrid with my minor children
and there was a lot so I have to take
some medication for it but luckily it’s
better now doesn’t affect you your work
right no no no there’s no problem at all
you know just a few bit allergic you
know it can happen only in Madrid is a
holiday nothing else here just because
my my kids live there so just a few days
to to be with them before coming here
it’s no secret the rail or admirers of
Courtois but it’s no secret Courtois has
family ties in Madrid but he says he’ll
be more than happy to sign a new deal at
Chelsea not I’m very happy Chelsea so
there’s none doubt that any progress on
the contract and huh not yet I think for
me now is important to finish the year
well here with the national team in
there and maybe Jesse will speak with my
team you’ve already said I think he said
after the FA Cup final as long as the
offers right you’re happy to stay no I’m
happy to stay now as well with obviously
my contract runs out in two years so
obviously something has to come to to
resign a new deal and if it’s a good
deal of a she’ll be very happy to accept
assignment there’s no doubt that I will
say Romelu Lukaku is a friend and
Belgian teammate Courtois doesn’t mind
he’d like him to be a Chelsea team-mate
too but says the pair haven’t talked
about it
yeah Rome is a great player so if he
decided to go to Chelsea Chelsea decided
to sign him we’ll be happy to to say hi
to him in a dressing room in July but I
don’t know what the progress is it
obviously we need to respect his
and I don’t know what would happen with
him that’s up to him to decide if he
wants to join Chelsea and I guess
there’s a right offer
he might go but I don’t know anything
about it so I think we have to respect
that is everything player and in my
stellar core to ours Belgium play the
Czech Republic next then it’s a World
Cup qualifier in Estonia
Gary cotton or Sky Sports