Guild Wars 2 Lore The World

the world the world in Guild Wars 2 is
known as terior this is the place you’ll
be spending most of your time
adventuring on it’s a fantasy world of
swords and magic but with more advanced
steampunk technology also in use like
airships and guns
teria is a spherical

planet has a Sun
and Moon and isn’t the only known world
to exist in the universe indeed it’s
said that humanity was brought to terior
from another world over a thousand years
ago making them aliens but now so much
time has passed
very few remember this truth while some
characters have found ways to visit the
other worlds using magic we the players
never have so any planet other than
tario remains largely a mystery teria
has days nights
seasons and years much like Earth does
it has oceans islands mountains jungles
deserts and most every other environment
you might come to expect it split into
three different known continents with
each one being introduced every time a
new guild wars one story campaign was
released there are probably more
continents than this but since the
developers stopped releasing new
campaigns and started working on Guild
Wars 2 instead we’ve never actually seen
them tyria is a large world but we’ve
only seen a comparatively small slice of
it confusingly
the first continent we ever got to see
has the exact same name as the planet
tyria there’s a terior the world and
then there’s terior the continent maybe
a little bit confusing at first but it’s
usually easy enough to understand what
people mean when they use the name Tyria
the continent is the largest continent
in the game it’s home to many lands
races and environments and it’s also the
place where the story before expansions
are released takes place in Guild Wars 2
to the south of Tyria is a continent
called a loner
it’s known by the men who live there as
the land of the Golden Sun a hot
tropical place of African influence it
split into three human nations isten
babby and corner which span what
inhabitable land they can but there’s
one place in all of a
loner where humanity cannot live the
desolation this sulfurous wasteland has
a barrier between a loner anterior to
the north killing those who attempt to
pass through it in recent years an
undead Lich has conquered all of Ilona
causing contact with the people of this
continent to become largely cut off even
further south of a loner far across the
unending ocean is another land
this is kantha the dragon Empire kantha
has a distinct Chinese or East Asian
resemblance and can be split into four
main regions
we’ve got shing j island cunning city
the echo vowed forest and the Jade sea
humanity has flourished here with their
city spanning most of the northern
regions but owing to its vast remoteness
and its recent xenophobic practices
contact between those living interior
and the those in kantha is now almost
non-existent neither camper nor alona
are actually accessible at the launch of
Guild Wars 2 and you won’t even see them
on the world map but it’s important to
remember that they’re there
in-game you’ll actually find people who
used to live in or are descended from
those continents and they’ll talk to you
about news of their homelands so now
hopefully you know where they’re
referring to
tyria is the huge continent you will see
on the map this is the home of the five
playable races as well as many lesser
races so where the main storyline takes
place and much of it will be available
for exploration each playable race has
their own territory along with a large
capital city of their own new humans
live in crater crater is a lush land of
green hills fields forests streams and
swamps humans have been killed and
pushed back on all fronts interior so
crater stands as the last place of
refuge for the race they once called the
coastal city lion’s arch their capital
but this was destroyed by tidal waves
years ago and rebuilt as a free state by
pirates so a new capital was named
Divinity’s reach a massive city to the
north we’re all humans regardless of
heritage are welcomed humans used to
live in Ascalon too far east over the
shiva peak mountains but this is now
home to the char a playable race that
were at war with humanity for hundreds
of years a war which they won the cha
are very industrial and pollute
areas of what is otherwise a beautiful
land more scenic even than crater the
regions littered with humanities ruins
in particular a massive wall that
stretches many miles east to west built
over hundreds of years the great
northern wall was once used to keep the
chart out of Ascalon but now lies in
shambles across the landscape the child
built their greatest city the mechanical
black citadel directly on top of the
Fallen human capital of rim an example
to all of their conquest over men the
Shiva Peaks are along mountain range
that separate crater at Ascalon they’re
home to a third playable race the Norn
who fled from their home further north
many years ago the Shiva Peaks are well
known for their cold high summits fields
of snow and sheer rock faces while then
orna mostly nomadic hunters and don’t
typically create large towns or cities
for themselves there is an exception
whole brac is a vast place built by the
nan for the nan a place for all to
return to and share stories about their
greatness the tarnished Coast a long way
away houses the last two playable races
it’s a lush jungle region filled with
deadly plants large insects and vast
tall trees to spread their roots all
around 25 years ago the sylvari were
born from an enormous flowering tree to
the east of the tarnished coast the pale
tree many Suvari now travel the world
but they know this place is home naming
it the Grove to the west are the Asura
who have built a floating pyramid among
the jungle trees called rat assume here
the Asura have spent much time creating
magical buildings and golems with little
thought towards how they’ve affected the
jungle around them so that’s the five
playable races but aside from these guys
and their territories there are also
many more areas interior to be explored
they perhaps not all of them will be
there at the launch of the game north of
the tarnished coast is the Magoo mer
wastes a region once as thick with
jungle as the tarnished coast itself but
now dried up and transformed to a land
of red cliffs cracked earth and dust
north of crater lie the verdant forests
and the isles of john thea which could
be potential homelands for the mursaat a
race of evil spell casters from Guild
Wars one that had a
big role in the original game then
there’s the crystal desert once barren
but now finding new life since the river
Ellen began to flow over its dunes
there’s the d’el djem or front a remote
part of the Shiverpeaks once inhabited
by the now extinct dwarves and the fire
island chain a string of active volcanic
islands where the first game ended
lastly we’ve got the blood lead in home
lands where the char lived before
retaking Ascalon when they were war and
the far Shiverpeaks original homeland of
the Norn before they were forced to flee
south but flee from what teria has
recently been thrown into turmoil
because five great dragons have awoken
devastating the landscape and killing or
corrupting everything they can these
Elder Dragons have had a significant
impact on the geography of the continent
the Norn lived in the far Shiverpeaks
until jaw mag the elder dragon of ice
awoke and began to rampage across the
icy climes so significant was the damage
he caused that entire inland seas formed
when mountaintops once stood and the nan
were forced south to safety another
example of the Dragons powers can be
seen in eastern Ascalon a great scar of
crystal cut into the land from north to
south the brand it was created with an
elder dragon woke up and flew south as
it traveled everything beneath its
flight path was instantly transformed to
crystal leaving behind a long dark scar
maybe the greatest change though it was
in the land of awe which had long ago
been sunk to the ocean bed as itan the
elder dragon of the undead raised the
entire nation back above the surface
claiming the once sunken cities and
lands as his own territory so much earth
and water was displaced from this
violent movement that a series of tidal
waves shred through the coastal areas of
crota and the tarnished coasts
transforming the landscape even more the
races of Tyria have despite the odds
survived these numerous disasters and
it’s your job when you get in game 2
starting with zai tan stop the elder
dragons from destroying anything else
so that’s what we know about teria next
video we’ll rewind
250 years to the world before the
Dragons woke up and changed so much and
we’ll tell the story of Guild Wars 1 now
you know where it was set it’s time to
find out exactly what happened
thanks for watching