A worlds first Kevin Richardson playing football with wild lions (FULL VIDEO)

I’m Kevin Richardson I’ve worked with
lines almost my entire adult life I call
them feed them hug them and sleep with
them but most of all I take care of them
with the fun Gil suit and

the line is
the Netherlands national symbol the
Dutch national football team is always
in style dressed like heroes of all the
big cats lions mean the most
it’s a relationship you have to build at
the top
I know the Dutch have a strong
relationship with the lion - its
Holland’s national symbol there’s even a
Dutch football song call like the Lyon
it ensign him peacetime which means
don’t leave the line hanging out to dry
don’t let him down and that’s what it’s
all about a line needs to look like a
hero and be treated like a hero not only
on the football pitch but here in the
wild to the wild lands need our help and
my wildlife sanctuary is here for them
today Lions live on less than 20% of
their former range in Africa due to
habitat destruction human predator
conflict poaching hunting and illegal
trade in football terms we need to send
those responsible off once and for all
this is a golf we have to make
it’s time to play some football your